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I really think everyone cooks better at Padstow Seafood School.

I don’t know if it’s the view out over the estuary across the water to Rock, the blue and white fish tiles, the warm wood floor or sail shaped ceiling but it’s a smart place to do some cooking.

My bourrides, fish curries and poached sea bass with mousseline sauce and risotto rice pilaff just taste better when I demonstrate them there.

Maybe though it’s the quality of the fish and shellfish we use, I can't help feeling that people don’t realise how good fresh fish can be.

Whatever the reason, when I meet students at the cookery school it is always a pleasure because everyone is excited. It helps too that our chef lecturers are so good; they have worked in our kitchens so they are relaying the same cookery tips which prevail in The Seafood Restaurant.

But it’s not just about seafood, we do lots of other interesting day courses. Indian curries, Far Eastern, Italian, Indian street food, Spanish tapas to name a few, plus some wonderful patisserie and bakery sessions.

As if that’s not enough, this year we are introducing some short skill workshops like simple butchery, fish filleting, Far Eastern steaming and sourdough baking as well as some one dish evening workshops with my favourite dishes including madras fish curry, Singapore chilli crab, seafood paella and chicken passanda.

See you in 2014, Rick.


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One dish evening workshops

Madras Fish Curry – 25th September 2014

Chicken Passanda – 24th October 2014


Skill workshops

Making classic sauces

Mussels, clams and oysters



Half day courses

Original Fish & Shellfish

Hot Smoking

Children’s Cookery

Parent & Child Seafood


One Day Courses 

Original Fish & Shellfish Cookery

Classic Seafood Dishes

Simply Fish


Far Eastern Cookery

Indian Street Food

Italian Cookery

Spanish Tapas

Summer Cooking

Taste of the Med


Two Day Courses 

Original Fish & Shellfish

Friends for Dinner

Taste of the Med

Cooking from India


Four Day Cookery Course

13th - 16th October 2014


To book call 01841 532700