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Mediterranean Escapes

"After 59 days on a barge travelling through the leafy, green tunnels on the canals of south west France, I finally reached the Mediterranean.... And when I saw that silky pink early morning light fading into infinity, I felt I didn't want this journey to stop. I wanted to go on and on to discover the great dishes from around this very special sea - the centre of western civilisation." Rick Stein July 2007


Rick Stein's latest culinary odyssey starts where French Odyssey left off, in the port of Marseilles at the mouth of the Rhone. However, this time he abandons the idyllic canal boat, and explores the Mediterranean coastline and islands using the public ferry system in search of the very best in the region's food.


Rick's journey through the Mediterranean:

Programme one: Corsica and Sardinia

Programme two:  Sardinia and Sicily

Programme three:  Sicily and Puglia

Programme four:  Corfu and Mallorca

Programme five:  Mallorca, Catalonia, Morocco

Programme six:  Morocco and Turkey


The book published to accompany Rick's new BBC series, Rick Stein's Mediterranean Escapes, opens with Rick's diary of his gastronomic journey, recounting the many interesting characters and mouthwatering dishes he discovered en route. The book contains Rick's choice of over 100 recipes including Catalan Grilled Stuffed Mussels, Turkish Spinach, Feta and Mint Pastries, Puglian Fava Bean Puree, Corsican Oysters with a Pernod and Tarragon Dressing, Sardinian Spaghetti with Tomato and Cuttlefish Ink, Morroccan Chicken with Preserved Lemons and Olives, Sicilian Orange Cake and Corfiot Rice Pudding.


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Rick Stein's Mediterranean Escapes is available on DVD priced £19.99