Recipes from Rick Stein

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Rick Stein Fish & Shellfish

Seared scallops with serrano ham

Sweet Cornish scallops, caramelised in a in a hot pan and combined with wonderful air-dried ham. It’s simple, quick and easy to make and perfect with a glass of chilled white wine eaten al-fresco.

The Cornish Arms recipe

Barbecue chicken salad

I really like the contrast of the slightly spicy chicken with the sharpness of the sauce in this salad. I think its best eaten, early evening, sat outside of The Cornish Arms with a refreshing beer in your hand enjoying the Cornish sunshine (when it’s not raining!).

Rick Stein’s Seafood

Oysters in tempura batter with sesame seeds and lime

One of the key imperatives for me in this book is to try and keep my own recipes, of which this first course is one, as simple as possible because that’s such a feature of the classic seafood dishes I’ve found all over the world. In recipe writing, the inclination to gild the lily is almost irresistible but here I think I’ve resisted it.

Rick Stein’s Seafood

Hot shellfish with garlic and lemon juice

This Italian dish is a sort of hot fruits de mer. The quantities of shellfish are merely a suggestion. You may like to make the dish out 9of fewer or more varieties, or include crab or lobster as well and make it into a main course. I have given cooking methods for all shellfish but you may find that you can more easily buy it ready-cooked, in which case you will only need to warm it through.

Jack Stein’s own recipe

Braised hake with beetroot and winter salad

"I was asked to create a dish for Rick’s Christmas TV special, he wanted a winter salad using hake. I used a Christmas wreath as inspiration with dark green leaves and bright red beetroot, sourced from around the Camel Estuary and from Padstow Kitchen Garden. Hake is a great fish to use as it is very sustainable, the dish is a perfect light starter to accompany a hearty winter’s meal."

Our Executive Pastry Chef's own recipe

Yule log

"I love chocolate. For the Yule log it’s all about the Swiss roll. Make sure your sponge mixture is evenly spread and you don’t overcook it. The edges shouldn’t be dry and when you touch the sponge it should spring back. This is one of my favourite Christmas treats, it’s a great combination of marzipan, chocolate and sponge, a great alternative to the traditional Christmas pudding - something to really impress your guests!" Stuart Pate