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Rick Stein’s French Odyssey

Rick Stein’s French Odyssey first aired in late summer, 2005 on BBC2. The series has been a great success and has received lots of positive reviews:


“… an example of a first-class BBC commission. Amiable, if a little wobbly, chef Stein sets off on a sumptuously filmed gourmet tour of France… everywhere he goes he demonstrates or explains the recipes he encounters and does with undisguised joy.” Observer


“He’s not even off the ferry before he’s raving over his perfectly saignant steak, and soon he’s marvelling over what the French consider to be standard transport cafe fare” Guardian


“Stein pauses to stuff his face at every opportunity. Who wouldn’t? So what if, in reality, few of us will attempt to cook this fantastic food ourselves? You can almost smell it wafting off the screen.” Daily Express


“After stuffing his face in Vendee, Rick hops on a luxury barge to appreciate France’s cuisine – not to mention gorgeous scenery and blue skies – at a pace more suited to leisurely digestion. And I’m not sure whether we’re supposed to rush out and start cooking our chips in duck fat – as they do at Rick’s favourite restaurant in Bordeaux – or just be sick with jealousy…You’ll be glued.” Daily Mirror


“Addictive” Sunday Mail


“You’ve got to love Rick Stein. Unlike every other TV chef, he’s got no gimmicks, he doesn’t swear and he doesn’t slag off other telly cooks.” Scottish Daily Record


“… entertaining viewing… an enticing, gentle mixture of travelogue, good food and what look like very do-able recipes.” London Evening Standard