Founder, Co-owner and Interior Designer

In 1975, Jill co-founded The Seafood Restaurant in Padstow with Rick Stein.

Jill has been and remains to be pivotal in the success and growth of the business, from the single restaurant she and Rick started within Padstow harbour, to the world-renowned business it is today.

An interior designer, Jill is known for developing our brand, creating stylish and relaxed interiors across all the restaurants in Padstow, as well as our newer restaurants in Winchester, Sandbanks, Marlborough and Barnes. Jill also designs the interiors for all the Rick Stein rooms and accommodations across the business: from the classic Cornish-inspired rooms above The Seafood Restaurant, to the luxurious and tranquil property, St. Edmunds House.

Jill has drawn inspiration from her travels around the world and is always in search of new ideas to keep our restaurants, rooms and rental properties looking fresh, contemporary, inviting and welcoming.

In late 2017 Jill launched Porthdune – a personal collection of natural skincare and lifestyle products inspired by the Cornish coast around Padstow, available for purchase in our shop as well as online.

Beyond her work with the Rick Stein business, Jill is instrumental to the establishment of Cornwall as an unmissable destination, and in developing its tourism; resulting in her being announced chair of Visit Cornwall in May 2019.

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Jill Stein OBE has always been the creative force behind our business, designing interiors inspired by her travels around the world and is always in search of new…

Jill Stein has spent the last couple of years working with fragrance experts to develop three wonderful new candles for the luxury Porthdune collection that are at the heart of our new retail range for the coming months.

Jill Stein, for many years the driving force – along with Rick – behind the success of the Rick Stein group, has been appointed as chairperson of Visit Cornwall, taking over from Lord St Levan whose four-year tenure has brought strong leadership and financial stability to the organisation.