Message from Rick

“It’s great to have opened a restaurant in Falmouth. Outside Padstow it’s my favourite seaside town in Cornwall. Jill and I have looked around Cornwall for a long time for a place to expand beyond Padstow. Our inspiration for The Seafood Restaurant originally came from a restaurant in Falmouth that we frequented during the 1970s, so it seemed only natural to finally open our own restaurant here. It’s a place we both know well.”

“I’ve always been fascinated by Falmouth. From childhood reading, it was one of those romantic ports where ships left to rescue nobles from revolutionary France in Scarlet Pimpernel novels. Historically it’s always been a major port. It has one of the best natural harbours in Europe. It has fabulous fish and is a pretty and atmospheric Cornish town. Why would I not want to be part of somewhere so special?”

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