Message from Rick

“I love Padstow for its strong sense of identity. There are Cornish coastal towns that seem to exist almost solely for the summer season, and all but die at the end of October, but Padstow is very different. There’s a year-round community here, which makes the town feel very much alive, even in the depths of winter. A big part of this is that Padstow is not a seaside town, but a working fishing port – it’s a beautiful place to come for a holiday, but it has a purpose that is distinct from tourism, giving the town a defined character rooted in the traditions of the fishing industry.”

“There are families that have been fishing out of Padstow for more generations than they can remember, and it’s a joy to watch the boats come in – it’s such an important part of our heritage. I’m very lucky, the Seafood Restaurant and our cookery school really couldn’t be in a better place – they overlook the harbour, so I can see the fish that we will use that day being landed. It gives me a great sense of connection with where I live and work.”