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26th Mar 2020


We are very pleased that the press is picking up the challenge the entire hospitality industry is facing, in having the cash available to make the payments that the government has promised.  Media and public pressure can really help us persuade the Government agencies to implement the payment policy as quickly as possible, and for Insurance companies to payout against the polices we have purchased to stop this hardship that our staff will have to endure.

We are committed to looking after our staff and suppliers and the best way we can do that is to ensure that we still have a company at the end of this terrible time, that our team keep their jobs – our responsibility is for the longterm.

All staff will be paid, in full, for all the hours they have worked on the next scheduled pay date which is Friday 10th April.  All 600 employees have been furloughed in order to protect them.  Although the government has acted swiftly in their commitment to cover 80% of salaries for all staff, the portal for applications will not be available until the end of April and monies will follow in the weeks after that, which is not until May.  If we honour staff salaries in the meantime the company may have to close permanently and that won’t benefit anyone.  We are working day and night with our insurers and bankers to look at solutions to pay staff the hours we would have expected them to have worked had we been open, in the hope that we can fund these payments before the grants would be paid.  We await further details from the government.

We look to the strength and power of the media to keep the pressure on the government agencies to implement the policies as quickly as possible so that we can pay our staff and for the insurance companies to work faster to payout the policies we all purchased to protect our staff and our companies.


Rick, Jill, Ed, Jack and Charlie




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