#AskaChef with Mark Puckey | July

23rd Jul 2015

If you didn’t manage to catch our Q&A session with Mark Puckey from Padstow Seafood School this afternoon, don’t worry – we’ve collected some of the questions and answers here so you can catch up.

What was your most inspiring food/cooking moment & why?
Hi Andy, the opportunity to work with wild Alaskan Copper River salmon – the most magnificent of fish I’ve ever worked with.

What fish would you recommend to bbq?
Oily fish BBQ best, mackerel, herring, pilchards, bass etc. Try delicate fish like lemon sole on a bed of fennel herbs.

What’s the perfect fish/shellfish to use for fish stock?
Firm large fish bones make the best stock: turbot, brill, Dover sole. Avoid plaice as can be earthy and oily fish.

Which veg are in season and locally available right now?
Fennel, courgettes, spinach, peas, runner beans and carrots all in season taste beautiful with a nice fish ragout

Any tips for chucking a squid on bbq?
Clean well and make sure it’s dry, season and add a little bit of oil. Cook for 1-2 minutes on each side.

I’ve used semolina to make crispy squid, but I can’t get it to stick – is my pan simply not hot enough?
Try seasoning the squid, leaving it for a minute and then adding the semolina – it helps it to stick.

How many mins per lb to cook beef on the bone as to off the bone, no thermometer available?
On the bone: 20 mins at 240 degress, reduce to 190 for 30mins per kilo for rare. Add 10 mins for med/rare, 20 for medium & 30 for well done per kilo.

You used to give suggestions about knives on the market – what are you suggesting as best for us amateurs now?
We use Global Knives in the school and at home I use I.O. Shen knives

What would you recommend for general cooking (making sauces, for example) – tefal coated or ceramic pans?
I prefer bonded cookware – triple ply metals. There’s no one metal perfect for cooking – more expensive but worth it!

If you have any questions you’d like to ask Mark, just comment on this post and we’ll get back to you, or tweet us @PWSeafoodSchool using #AskaChef.

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