Falmouth Oyster Festival 2014

2nd Oct 2014

This October, we are heading to Falmouth to celebrate Falmouth Oyster Festival.

Cornish Native Oysters or ‘Fal Oysters’ are wild native oysters found on the sea and river bed of the Fal Estuary and are are known for their distinctive sweet, fresh and delicate flavour. They’ve been harvested for over 500 years using traditional methods, with no use of machinery.


The festival celebrating the harvest of these delicious shellfish runs between the 9th – 12th October.  With demonstrations from local chefs, live music, and local colour, come on down and support a truly Cornish food celebration in Falmouth.


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  1. Ranger says:

    Rick, thanks for promoting my business Fal Oyster Ltd t/a Cornish Native Oysters which is a trading name, however please use a photo of a ‘native’ Fal Oyster rather than a ‘Pacific’ rock oyster… Many thanks
    http://www.cornishnativeoysters.co.uk since 2009 and http://www.faloyster.co.uk since 2012

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