Five top tips for sourcing fresh fish

20th Aug 2013


Situated just a stone’s throw from Padstow harbour, Padstow Seafood School is well placed for the freshest catch from the sea. We’re lucky that we have so many great producers and fishmongers in the South West. We encourage people to visit your local fishmonger – Stein’s Fisheries if you’re in Padstow – and ask what their catch of the day is. The freshness and quality of the ingredients really is the most important thing and down here in Cornwall we have that in abundance.

Some people are a little hesitant when it comes to selecting and cooking fish, but Mark and his team teach students how to choose good fish locally and how to make the very best of it in the kitchen.

Here are Mark Puckey’s five top tips for sourcing fresh fish:

1)      Smell – a fresh fish should not smell ‘fishy’

2)      Eyes –  fresh fish should have clear eyes, not cloudy

3)      Gills – lift the gill and look for the bright red flesh underneath, this is the sign of a fresh fish

4)      Colour – look for discoloration, brown or yellow edges, as these are signs of aging fish

5)      Slime – the clearer the better, as fish get older slime turns brown and then disappears altogether

Now you know what to look for you can get cooking. If you’re in need of a little recipe inspiration, sign up to our monthly recipe newsletter.


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3 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    Absolutely. However, the presence of fishmongers is sadly in decline. I ran one for over three years but had to close in the end due to high overheads and lack of customers. Now there’s only supermarkets around here and let’s face it their fish isn’t fresh. Maybe people get the retailers they deserve.

  2. Peter Roberts says:

    I live in South West Wales and find it impossible to buy locally caught fish. The fish mongers counters are empty. It’s very sad to see most of our good fish exported to Europe and China. I long hope for the UK to change it’s culture from gravy and chips to quality LOCAL food.

  3. magali fradet says:

    I live in eastern spain , Javea, and we hace a strong fishing tradition here. I’d love to do your seafood cookery course. Which are your closest airports please?

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