Jack Stein’s top tips for cooking fish & chips at home



If fish & chips is your go-to Friday night treat, have a go at recreating the nations favourite takeaway at home. These are Jack Stein’s top tips to make them extra tasty, and with a slight twist, which will really impress your household.

  1. Fry your fish & chips the traditional way, in beef fat. It helps to create the ultimate pairing of flavour and crispiness.

2. If you can’t get enough beef fat to fill your fryer, try drizzling a little bit on top before you dive in.

3. Instead of battered fish, make goujons with a panko breadcrumb coating for a lighter (slightly healthier) option

4. Use nori, normally used when making sushi, to add extra umami flavour. Blitz a few sheets up in a blender with sea salt and sprinkle over your fish & chips


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