King Charles Primary School visit to Rick Stein Falmouth


On Wednesday 7th June, Dominic Gill, our head chef at Rick Stein, Falmouth, hosted a fish and fruit taster session for the year 5 and 6 pupils at Kings Charles primary school. As well as trying a range of raw and cooked fruit to see the difference in flavour, they sampled cod bites with lemon (which was, of course, their favourite dish of the day. Shouts of ”more, more, more” echoed towards the kitchen as the plates were quickly emptied. Also the menu, with varying degrees of success with the young diners, were prawns with mango, grilled mackerel with gooseberry jam (really mixed reviews for this complex combination), seared tuna with passion fruit, and plaice with grapes (a homage to the French classic, sole Véronique).

We think it’s very important to get the younger generation engaged with fish; trying it cooked in different ways and with a variation of other flavours. Think about it – when was the last time you cooked mackerel and gooseberry at home?