Meet our Food Heroes: Rodda’s

1st Mar 2019

Rodda’s is a family dairy in Scorrier, Cornwall that was founded over 125 years ago and now sends its famous clotted cream around the world. Great-great-grandmother Rodda started making Cornish clotted cream in her farmhouse back in 1890 and it was an instant hit with the locals, so much so that she was soon sending it up to London to be sold in foodie shops of the time. Now over 125 years on, they still make it in the same time-honoured way, gently baking rich locally sourced cream until it’s thick and silky. Perfect to dollop onto sticky toffee pudding and tarte tatin in our restaurants or as part of a cream tea from our patisserie – jam first though, of course.

Rodda’s have always supported local farmers in everything they do and source milk from farms within 30 miles of their creamery. A special moment in their history came in 1998 when Cornish clotted cream was awarded Protected Designation of Origin to protect its traditional methods and regional specialism against imitation. So, whenever you see it on our menus, you’re guaranteed authentic Cornish clotted cream.

As well as the most delicious of clotted creams, Rodda’s also supply our restaurants with farmhouse Cornish butter, pouring cream and milk.

Thanks to Rodda’s for keeping it Cornish since 1890.

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