11th Nov 2016

After exploring Bordeaux, Berlin, Vienna, Bologna and Reykjavik earlier in the year, Rick Stein’s Long Weekends are back on BBC2 on Friday nights at 9pm. So, clear your schedule, sit back and enjoy a culinary adventure around some of Europe’s most prized cities. This week we take a trip to Lisbon for a Long Weekend to sample some of the delightful food that Portugal has on offer…

The episode started with Rick checking into his hotel and talking about St Anthony, patron saint of Lisbon, whose sardine festival sends the city crazy every June. When in Lisbon, start the day with a pasteis de belem (custard tart), just as Rick did, before mooching past trams and up the many hills in the city. Following in Lord Byron’s footsteps, Rick then shared why he likes Lisbon so much. A trip to Cervejaria Ramiro to sample clams, prawns and carabineros is followed by Rick having a classic prego – a simple sandwich of tender, thin steak, very popular dish in Portuguese cuisine. Pork and Clams are next on the menu, back in Padstow this time though – Rick remarked at how delicious the combination of salty pork and sweet clams is. A trip to the Belem Tower was followed by piri piri chicken at Valenciana and a meeting with Joao Moreno the magician! Grilled Sardines at the Moma Grill Restaurant and exploring Lisbon’s famous Aguas Livres Aqueduct were followed by a visit to Restuarante Adraga for clams with prawns, percebes and some grilled bass. The perfect lunch before a wander along Adraga beach.

Back in his kitchen in Padstow, Rick cooks almond tart with a difference – no frangipani, simply butterscotch-tasting almond baked in a pastry case. Deliciously light and crunchy. Next up Rick was treated to a bowl of caldo verde, a popular Portuguese soup of potatoes, kale, olive oil and salt, whilst listening to some live music from fado singers. How lovely.


Having had breakfast at his hotel, Rick visits Acucena Veloso, a fishmonger in the Salshana Fish Market before trying grilled corvina, a classic, lightly flavoured fish that can be found on many lunch counter specials in Portugal. At the Time Out Market, a place that creates food based on the best bites that can be found in the city, Rick sampled choco frito, Peixinhos da Horta, black pork cheek with sweet potato purée and Bacalhau a Bras (salted cod with onions, thinly chopped fried potatoes bound in scrambled eggs).

Inspired by the market, Rick then cooked pastesis de bacalhau (codfish pastries or fritters), a great snack that he enjoyed a couple of at Lisbon Airport. And what better way to end the show, than with a nice drop of chilled vino verde? Cheers, Portugal.

Don’t miss Rick Stein’s Long Weekends in Copenhagen next week on BBC2 at 9pm, and if you want to try out the recipes yourself, order a signed copy of the accompanying book here.

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18 Responses

  1. Rob says:

    Rick commented that Maigre as found in France especially well known around La Rochelle is a Sea Bass. As I understand it Maigre is sometimes called Salmon Bass and is in some ways similar to Sea Bass but is a different fish also called a Drumfish in the US because of the sound it makes. I was alerted to this type of fish while scuba diving. Some fishermen in La Rochelle claim that you can hear them. This may be the case with the larger specimens. Maigre can be up to 40kgs. Corvinas in Portugal may be the same as Maigre and not Sea Bass. Fish names can be very confusing with local and national names and differences between countries.

  2. Regina Murphy says:

    I loved the Lisbon program. I was watching with so much love.Portuguese food for me is the best! Do not forget Portuguese was the ones invented fish and ships 🙂 believe it or not!
    Wine is so good! and prices are still very cheap,compere with France, Spain or Italy, since I discover Portugal I don’t want any thing else! Just LOVE IT!!!

  3. James says:

    Had to give this a mention on Portugalist.com: http://www.portugalist.com/rick-steins-lisbon/

  4. Richard says:

    What hotel did you stay at in Lisbon?

    • Dave Haffenden says:

      Hello Richard, thanks for getting in touch. Rick stayed at the Novotel Lisbon. Has the show inspired you to go and explore for yourself?

      • Sarah says:

        I have been looking for the hotel Rick stayed in so thank you for asking the question Richard and thanks Dave for replying. I will be going for a long weekend in May :0) and yes it was Rick who has inspired me. THANKS AGAIN

  5. Ben B says:

    I’d love a recipe for the pig cheek. It looked superb.

  6. David Edwards says:

    Lisbon has become the place we want to go and stay for a month or more. After just a 4 day break there we fell in love with it more than any place we have visited. What a cosy, friendly, intimate city and the programme captured every ounce of that. Sardines will never be the same again and totally agree that “mooching”is the only way to see Lisbon (and any city!!)

  7. Lesley Turner says:

    Your program inspired me so much that I have booked to take my husband to Lisbon in January (a surprise, not told him yet!) for his 70th Birthday. We both love food, especially fish! Hopefully the fish will be plentiful even though it is January??

  8. Deborah Coles says:

    We have just returneD from a fabulous weekend in Lisbon. Thanks to Rick we went to the brilliant & very friendly Cervejaria Ramiro. What a place! We would not of known about it had we not watched Rick’s episode about Lisbon. We did go over to A Valenciana for purity Piti chicken but we must of picked a bad night. Most of the tables were reserved for big parties of Chinese tourists & unfortunately our chicken was very dry & cold chips! But like I say it was a busy busy night for them with coach loads arriving. We stayed in Balem where breakfast every morning was at Pasteis de Belem. Rick really showed Lisbon at its best.
    Thank you for a great program. Anyone else going to Lisbon in the near future must try The LX Factory where an amazing restaurant Da Praca is situated. Fantastic food especially Pica Pau & peixinhos da Horta (tempura green beans) with garlic mayo. Also Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalhau in Rua Augusta. For amazing salt cod potato fish cakes filled with cheese served with white port. A brilliant series. Dxx

  9. Jill Douthwaite says:

    Wonderful, enthusiastic Steinsh Lisbon programme. Thank you Rick. Our next trip will be Lisbon. Made the almond tart – delicious.

  10. Colin Gent says:

    Going to Lison next week as a direct result of this programme. I know how to get to most of the places mentioned, but where is the Fado bar where Rick had Caldo Verde? It was the only venue that wasn’t specified by name, and a search for ‘House of Fado’ throws up multiple venues!

    • Dave Haffenden says:

      Thanks for getting in touch Colin. The restaurant Rick visted to enjoy Caldo Verde was called Tasca do Chico. Hope this helps?

  11. Colin Gent says:

    It does indeed! Obrigado Dave!

  12. Ellen D says:

    We have just returned from a 4 day stay in Lisbon after being inspired by this programme. What an amazing city! Easy to navigate with the Metro system, trams and on foot and the people are very welcoming. We sampled a huge range of foods, I especially like the custard tarts with a sprinkle of cinnamon and I am looking forward to trying to recreate some of the dishes at home.
    Thanks Rick.

  13. Amanda says:

    Hi we’re visiting Lisbon soon and want to do a walking food and drink tour, when you were filming there did you use any particular guides? Many thanks Amanda

  14. Sue says:

    Could I have the link to the recipe for the red pepper puree that Rick used recreating a dish?

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