Rick Stein’s Long Weekends: Episode 8, Cadiz

25th Nov 2016

Having explored Copenhagen last weekend, this week we take a trip to Cadiz for a Long Weekend to sample some of the delicious food that Spain has to offer…

The episode started with Rick checking into his hotel, the Hotel Playa Victoria Palafox, where he spoke to the hotel receptionist about food in Spain. When in Cadiz, Rick takes a trip to Casa Manteca Bar where he tries white anchovies followed by a visit to Taberba el Tio de la Tiza for some grilled mackerel with piriñaca. A trip to Bajamar Restaurante Cerveceria to sample some delicious churros, hot chocolate and coffee is followed by a visit to Mercado Central de Abastos, a local Cadiz market, where he finds a snail stall containing live snails. Rick then continues to explore Cadiz by taking a trip to Mercado Central de Abastos, one of the oldest covered markets in Spain where he samples a variety of fish and shellfish including clams, winkles, mantis shrimps, murex, razor shells, moray eel and tuna. Rick then goes onto visit Gadisushi and tries a tuna sashimi and manzanilla dish, followed by a trip to Freiduria Las Flores, an authentic fried fish restaurant, where he tastes fried pescado frito anchovies, squid and dogfish. Back in his kitchen in Padstow, Rick shows us how to cook a la rota. Next up Rick is treated to some sherry at Bodega Tradicion, a winery in Jerez where he meets with Lorenzo Garcia-Iglesias Soto. To end a great day of food, Rick watches the sunset over Cadiz.

Having had breakfast at his hotel, Rick talks about the Cadiz city walls and Napoleon’s siege. He then takes a trip to Ultramar & Nos restaurant where he meets with Pancho’ Jimenez Yañes and samples a variety of stews including chorizo and red bean, chorizo and chickpea and cazon and tuna. Rick then samples a variety of arroz dishes at La Marea Seafood, a restaurant specialising in Mexican seafood. Back in Padstow at his cottage, Rick shows us how to cook arroz verde.

A trip to Ventorrillo el Chato to meet Jose Manuel Córdoba and sample some baked tuna marinated in red wine and tortillas de camerones (shrimp fritters) is followed by a visit to the northwest of Cadiz to Sanlucar de Barrameda, where Rick samples patatas aliñadas (cooked potatoes and tinned tuna). He then continues to explore Sanlucar de Barrameda by visiting the fishing harbour where he meets Javier Garat Pérez and samples some boiled Langostinos. To end his long weekend Rick takes a trip to Peña la Perla Flamenco where they host flamenco followed by Rick showing us how to make huevos a la flamenco back in Padstow at his cottage.

Don’t miss Rick Stein’s Long Weekends in Thessaloniki on the 9th December on BBc2 at 9pm, and if you want to try out the recipes yourself, order a signed copy of the accompany book here.

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15 Responses

  1. Anne McCubbin says:

    Just spent a special hour watching Rick’s weekend in Cadiz. It was superb! We have travelled to this region for over 20 years and I think Pat and I were 2 of the very few English visitors to Sanlucar de Barrameda,you captured the beauty, the colour,the flavours and the passion so well. I can’t wait for May,the seafood and our special friends. Thank you so much Anne xx🍤

  2. Nick China says:

    Excellent! I was in Cadiz briefly back in April and plan to do a long weekend there. Your programme was brilliantly informative, but PLEASE give us a simplified recipe for the Tortillas de Camerones….They are truly delicious.

  3. Jeff Causer says:

    So good, I’ve booked a flight for Monday. I have been going to Cadiz for nearly 20 years. There is a noisy little bar right outside the fish market that is supposed to make the best Prawn Fritters, but Matey’s in the roadside Venta looked good also, so I’ve got to track him down. Here in Falmouth we are lucky enough to have sweet little Prawns from September on, being cold water grown they are top-draw. I took some to Malaga a few years ago and the bar manager served them up for the other punters, who thought them deliscioso. I’ve been using Ricks recipe since I bought the Spain tour book, but add garlic and parsley also. Try it, it’s dead easy. If you can’t find the prawns then seek out Timmy the Fish in Falmouth, but catch him before he’s had his third pint as its all Serbo-Croat after that and you won’t understand a frick’n word….

  4. Kim Thornton says:

    I have been to your restaurant in Sandbanks It was very good watched you program about Cadiz so I have booked to go staying at the Hotel where you stayed really looking forward to it as me and my husband love seafood Coming to Bournemouth
    Later this week for my Birthday hopefully we will come in for your great seafood
    Kim Matty

  5. Marie Marshall says:

    I so enjoyed Rick’s Stein’s episode 8 to Cadiz- i was born in Cadiz and watching this brought back many happy memories, especially of my aunt making huevos flamenco- please thank Rick for the nostalgic memories of my childhood.

  6. Penny Boocock says:

    Simply loved this programme having a Spanish mother it felt like I had never been away. Most of the dishes my mother used to cook and I now cook. Rick sitting outside eating deep fried fish on exactly the same table my husband and I sat on 8 short weeks ago. Yes I’m with you Rick Cadiz is my favourite Spanish City too.

  7. Javier says:

    Hi good people, I live in Cádiz and we are very proud of your choice to visit our city. I would like to thank you and remember, our doors are always open for everybody who want to visit us. The next time remember to enter the Cathedral, walk along the Cortadura beach and el Paseo Marítimo in which there is good restaurants. If someone wants to cook Tortillas de Camarones (Camarones, not Camerones) the recipe is in javirecetas (he is not me!), search “javirecetas tortillitas de camarones”
    Thank you!

    • David says:

      I’ve just booked Cadiz for March based on Rick’s enthusiasm for this great Spanish city.
      Can’t wait to try the Tortillas de Camarones, and the sherry at Jerez, and the patatas aliñadas – I’m sipping sherry while writing this… – lol.
      Best wishes from Northern Ireland!

  8. Alan Hatfield says:

    You always make me feel good when/if I’m stressed watching your programs – whats not to like, travelling great food/wine etc – anyway my wife & I are off to Cadiz at the end of the month for a long weekend to follow 100% in your footsteps (my wife’s a great cook & loves fish) – just spent ages making notes from your video – then found this – oh well enjoyed the video again 🙂

  9. Oli says:

    This page is incredibly useful. So often i watch travel shows and then spend ages trying to find the restauarants etc online, but this synopsis saves all that. Just boarding a flight to cadiz and have done my itinerary in the queue for the plane!

  10. Martyn says:

    Inspired by Rick’s Weekend break to Cadiz, my wife and I have just returned from a fantastic midweek break to Cadiz. Despite the Rick’s enthusiastic description we were still blown away by the city, the fish, seafood, restaurants, Cathedral and the beaches! Absolutely wonderful – even the Chiringuitos served excellent food. Our favourites were a Sea Bass fillet carved from a 5 foot long fish and Clams with Serrano Ham, Garlic and Tio Pepe sauce – delicious.

  11. adrian says:

    hi having watched your show in cadiz my wife and I are now booked in to the hotel for our silver anniversary later this year and we cant wait to follow in your footsteps around this lovely looking city CHEERS Rick

  12. Dave says:

    Hi, just spent two weeks in Cadiz sampling local specialities. Stayed in the old town and cooked the local produce from the Mercado Central. It’s interesting that intuition and the plethora of fresh fish, vegetables and spiced meat leads you to cook the same products as the local population. No recipes just good taste.
    Great place; great time.

  13. Kelly Harris says:

    I’m miles away at the bottom of the planet in beautiful New Zealand and simply love getting lost in your far away adventures. Being a absolute romantic and lover of seafood this show had me completely engrossed. I seriously doubt I’ll ever see this stunning city in person however Rick took me there in this episode and I had a wonderful time 👌😘

  14. Merilyn Parker Armitage says:

    I came to Jerez de la Frontera for 6 months to take my flamenco to a new level. Jerez is just 40 minutes away from Cádiz. That was three and a half years ago. Now you can see why I stayed. The first time I went into the fish market I cried it was so amazing. I’m a nutritionist and love food.

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