Top tips for making puff pastry


Making your own puff pastry takes a lot of technique and skill, so we asked our head pastry chef, Stuart Pate for his top tips to remember when making your own.

Baking with Stuart Pate copyright low res

1. Work on a cold surface
Keep your butter nice and firm, otherwise it will squeeze out of the edges of your pastry when you roll it. A cold surface helps to keep the temperature of your butter low.

2. Don’t rush
Take your time with the pastry, making sure to relax it between each turn. This helps the butter to set so it keeps its firmness and also stops the dough from being too tight so it will be easy to roll.

3. Be careful with the amount of flour you use
It’s tempting to use flour each time you turn your pastry, but you should really only be using flour to roll it out. Between folds make sure you brush the flour off, otherwise if you’re storing your pastry in the fridge, the flour can absorb the moisture inside and turn black and all your hard work will be wasted.

4. Be accurate
The secret to making sure your puff pastry rises evenly, is rolling your pastry to the same size each time and folding it symmetrically and accurately.

5. Always cook in a hot oven
Make sure you cook your puff pastry in a nice hot oven ideallay at 200-210°C

It’s absolutely fine to use ready-made puff pastry, just make sure you follow the tips above for handling it, keeping it cool, firm and watching how much flour you add to it.