16th Jan 2018

What better way to enjoy the Cornish coast than taking a leisurely walk. One of our favourite places to explore is Porthleven to Rinsey Head which passes, Giant’s Rock, the coves of Breage and the engine houses at Trewavas.

The route from Porthleven to Rinsey Head: 

6.8miles / 10.9km

1. Starting at Rick Stein, Porthleven carry along the harbour front towards the Ship Inn and continue up the path until you reach a wooden gate named ‘The Wrestling Fields’.

Interesting fact: Porthleven is the most southerly working fishing port on the mainland of Great Britain.

2. Continue along this coastal path, passing Giant’s Rock, the coves of Breage and Porth Sulinces and the granite dykes of the Megiliggar Rocks.

Interesting fact: The Giant’s Rock, also known as a Moonstone, is a large boulder containing the semi-precious mineral garnet which is the only place this mineral is found on the whole of the UK.

(Photo copyright – Adam Gibbard, Visit Cornwall)

3. Carry on along the coastal path until you get to Trewavas Head, a huge balanced block of granite. Here, follow the path past one of the engine houses before rejoining the coastal path to Wheal Prosper on Rinsey Head.

Interesting fact: Perched on the cliffs to the east of Trewavas Head are two engine houses that form the remains of Wheal Trewavas mine which closed in 1846.

4. After taking in the impressive Cornish coast retrace your steps until you reach Porthleven.

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