Fish & shellfish menu 4

one day course from £198.00

Available from 24th Jul 2018

On this one day course you’ll be using the freshest seafood and classic flavours to discover some of Rick’s favourite dishes. For our one day Fish & Shellfish courses, we develop four menu variations to allow people to try their hand at different dishes and techniques.

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Course dishes 2018

  • Pan-fried mackerel fillets, hot pickled slaw and fried capers
  • Stir-fried clams with garlic and ginger
  • Grilled miso salmon with rice noodles, spring onions and beansprouts
  • Grilled lobster with Pernod and olive oil dressing
  • Grey mullet soup with harissa and pink fir apple potatoes


  • Preparing, filleting and pan-frying a round fish
  • Cleaning, preparing and stir-frying clams
  • Filleting, portioning and grilling a large round fish
  • Humanely killing and cooking a lobster
  • Making a fish stock
  • Preparing and filleting a flat fish
  • Making aioli

Course overview

Arrive – 8:45am
Welcome – Enjoy a tea or coffee while browsing the recipes for the day and meeting your fellow chefs
From 9am – Watch our chefs demo three dishes then recreate each dish in pairs at your workstation enjoying the fruits of your labour
Lunch – At our long ‘en famille’ dining table overlooking the Camel Estuary with a glass of wine or two
Afternoon demo – Time to relax with a glass of wine and watch our chef demonstrate the final dish of the day
4pm – Finish. You will be presented with a certificate and recipe folder plus a chance to browse our shop with an exclusive voucher.

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Course dishes 2019

  • Mackerel recheado
  • Monkfish fritters with cumin
  • Hog island oysters with chilli
  • John Dory with cucumber and noilly prat
  • DEMO – A seafood stew with Jalepeno and guajillo

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