Lobster and crab

half day course from £95.00

Available from 10th Aug 2017

Love eating crab and lobster, but have no idea how to prepare and cook it? Join us on this workshop to see exactly how to work with these shellfish in the kitchen, with delicious tasters along the way.

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Course dishes 2017

  • Grilled lobster with a Pernod and olive oil dressing
  • Singapore chilli crab
  • Stir-fried salt and pepper prawns

Please note seasonal dishes are subject to change.


  • Choosing, storing and preparing live crustacean
  • Grilling lobster
  • Stir-frying crab
  • Deep – frying prawns
  • Availability and seasonality of shellfish
  • Humane killing of shellfish

Course overview

Arrive – 12:45
From 1pm – Watch our chefs demo two dishes then recreate each dish in pairs at your workstation enjoying the fruits of your labour
Afternoon demo – Time to relax with a glass of wine and watch our chef demonstrate the final dish of the day
4pm – Finish. You will be presented with a certificate and recipe folder plus a chance to browse our shop with an exclusive voucher.

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