Ultimate fish & shellfish

four day course from £780.00

Available from 23rd Apr 2018

Throughout the four days you’ll be working with Cornish seafood from Looe and Newlyn fish markets. Each day our chef will guide you through all the essential skills of seafood cookery: scaling, gutting, skinning, filleting round and flat fish, cutting large fish into steaks, poaching, frying, grilling, roasting and braising fish; preparing fish stews, smoking fish, sashimi, ceviche, preparing prawns; preparing and cooking mussels, oysters and clams.

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Course dishes 2018

Day 1: Monday

  • Raw sea bass with apple and lemon verbena
  • Pan-fried monkfish with garlic and fennel
  • Salad of mackerel with sundried tomatoes and fennel seeds
  • Fillets of lemon sole with panko breadcrumbs and salsa verde mayonnaise
  • Sashimi of salmon, sea bass and tuna

Day 2: Tuesday

  • Oysters tempura with sesame and lime
  • Steamed scallops in the shell with ginger, soy, sesame and spring onions
  • Grilled prawns with ouzo, tomato, chilli and feta
  • Singapore chilli crab
  • Arroz verde: Green rice with garlic, parsley, garlic clams and prawns

Day 3: Wednesday

  • Classic fish soup with rouille and croûtons
  • Dover sole à la meunière
  • Roast tronçon of turbot with hollandaise sauce
  • Lobster thermidor
  • Le plateau de fruits de mer

Day 4: Thursday

  • Fishing Trip
  • Breakfast/Brunch: Hot smoked salmon kedgeree
  • Bourride of red mullet and salt cod

Please note ingredients are subject to change, due to seasonal availability.


Day 1

  • Filleting and pan-frying monkfish tail
  • Filleting and griddling a round fish
  • Filleting, panéing and deep-frying flat fish
  • Making a mayonnaise
  • Preparing a selection of fish to be eaten raw

Day 2

  • Shucking oysters
  • Making a tempura batter
  • Peeling, de-veining and cooking prawns
  • Humanely killing, boiling and preparing a crab for stir-frying
  • De-veining, peeling and cooking prawns
  • Cleaning and cooking clams
  • Making aioli

Day 3

  • Filleting a round fish
  • Making a rouille
  • Trimming and skinning and pan-frying a whole flat fish
  • Making a beurre noisette
  • Preparing a flat fish for tronçons
  • Making a hollandaise sauce
  • Humanely killing, cooking and preparing lobster
  • Identifying, cooking, cleaning and preparing a wide range of shellfish
  • Smoking salmon

Day 4

  • Making a bourride

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