Great British Bake Off: Patisserie

23rd Sep 2015

What better week to call on our head pastry chef than patisserie week on the GBBO. This week the remaining bakers will create cream horns, ...


From Venice to Istanbul: episode 7

18th Sep 2015

The final episode of Rick Stein From Venice to Istanbul starts in Dardanelles, Turkey, where the crew have lunch at the Balaban Coffee House and ...


Great British Bake Off: Victorian era

16th Sep 2015

This week’s episode of bake off is devoted to the Victorian era – a game pie, the perfect fruit cake and finishing with a Charlotte ...


From Venice to Istanbul: episode 6

11th Sep 2015

The pentultimate episode of Rick Stein: From Venice to Istanbul opens in Gerakas, a Greek fishing village, where they fish with nets for red ...


A day in the life of… part 4

10th Sep 2015

Our final post in our “day of the life of” series comes from Emma McCoy, a waitress and trainee manager at The Seafood Restaurant. ...


Great British Bake Off: Pastry

8th Sep 2015

Stuart’s eyes lit up when he heard it was pastry week on GBBO, a passion for our head pastry chef at The Seafood Restaurant. The bakers ...


Rick Stein: From Venice to Istanbul episode five

4th Sep 2015

This week Rick starts his journey in Pylos, Greece trying vlita, cooked greens. He heads to the Poseidonia Restaurant and tries fish stew, before ...


Great British Bake Off: Alternative ingredients

2nd Sep 2015

It’s a challenging week for the bakers on GBBO this week as they have to make a sugar free sponge, gluten free pitta breads and finish with ...


Rick Stein From Venice to Istanbul: episode four

28th Aug 2015

Sheep intestines, offal and Rick’s son, Jack, all made an appearance in last week’s episode of From Venice to Istanbul as they ...


The Great British Bake Off: dessert week

26th Aug 2015

It’s dessert week on the GBBO this week with crème brûlée as the signature challenge, a Spanische windtorte from Austria as Mary ...