The Great British Bake Off: bread week

19th Aug 2015

Bread week is the next challenge for the remaining GBBO team. The signature challenge is quick breads, with no proving necessary, then Paul ...


Rick Stein From Venice to Istanbul: Episode two

12th Aug 2015

This week, Rick leaves Venice and sets off to Ravenna in Italy where he tries his first dishes of the episode, cresceone con verdura and piadina ...


The Great British Bake Off top tips: Biscuit week

This week the 11 remaining bakers on The Great British Bake Off are preparing for biscuit week. The signature challenge is to make 24 biscotti, ...


Rick Stein: From Venice to Istanbul, episode one

7th Aug 2015

The episode launches in Venice with Rick reminiscing about his previous visits there, before being taken by Francesco Da ...


Rick Stein on From Venice to Istanbul

“I wanted to do a book and TV series about Eastern Mediterranean cooking; olive oil, lemons, tomatoes, garlic, sweet fish and tangy sheep ...


The Great British Bake Off top tips: Cake week

5th Aug 2015

The BBC programmers have excelled themselves this week, delighting foodies everywhere with the launch of series six of the Great British Bake Off ...


A day in the life of…part 2

Have you been following our ‘day in the life of’ blog series? Last week we spoke with Miguel Espejo, commis chef at The Seafood ...


Our dog friendly hotels and restaurants

24th Jul 2015

This week, Jill announced that her gorgeous country retreat, Martindale, will be accepting dogs, so we thought we’d put together a ...


A day in the life of … part 1

16th Jul 2015

Ever wondered what it’s like to work for Rick Stein? Or to relocate to Cornwall? We’ll be bringing you a four part blog series that ...


How to entertain your mini-Steins this summer

8th Jul 2015

The sun has been shining in Padstow and the streets filled with the happy chatterings of children enjoying everything Padstow has to offer. If ...