So you’ve signed up to one of our cookery school courses – or perhaps you have been gifted one by a friend?  Whether you are feeling confident entering the kitchen or a little apprehensive, we have compiled some of our frequently asked questions below to put you at ease. If you still have questions, just call us on 01841 532700, we will be more than happy to help.

Our one, two and four day courses all start around 9am. Once we’ve kitted you out in your chef whites, take a seat at our dining table with a strong coffee overlooking the Estuary and meet your fellow chefs, whilst taking a look through your recipe folder.

Once everyone is ready and feeling comfortable, our head chef lecturer Nick Evans will guide you through the first recipe while his trusty assistants, Sam and Phil, measure out your ingredients for you and prepare the equipment you will need to create the dish.

Nick, Sam and Phil will all be on hand to oversee and offer help (if you need it!) once you return to your work station. Working in pairs, you will re-create the dish Nick demonstrates and then enjoy the fruits of your labour at our dining table.

The  rest of the day follows the same format, but around lunchtime, we swap the coffee for wine to complement the dishes you are cooking, and end the day with a ‘wow factor’ demonstration for you to watch and try, but won’t be expected to cook.

Things normally wind down around 4pm, but have been known to go on longer as conversation flows around the dining table!

Bring enthusiasm and interest to the kitchen and any of our courses will suit your ability. The great thing about our courses is that they are suitable for professional chefs, food enthusiasts or those that aren’t quite so confident.

Our courses are groups of up to 16 people which means we are able to assist you as you cook your dishes – whether that’s to help out, or offer more detailed advice.

Each course holds up to 16 people, with two people per workstation so you will be working in pairs. Our tasting evenings and masterclasses hold up to 50 people.

All of our courses are hands-on. Students work in pairs and the course which you choose deciphers how many dishes you will prepare. If you feel at all uncomfortable with any of the practical work during your course, just let us know.

If practical work is not for you, why not try one of our tasting evenings, or seasonal masterclasses? These evening events allow you to sit back and relax with a glass of wine while you watch our chefs do the hard work!

This is one of our most commonly asked questions, and the answer is yes!

It is important that you let us know before the day of your course your dietary requirements, then our chefs will make sure that there are alternatives and substitutes to suit your needs.

Vegan or vegetarian? If you still want to handle fish or meat even though you don’t eat it, just let us know and we’ll make sure it’s there for you.

Due to the variety of courses we run at the school,  we are not able to guarantee an allergy-free (nut/shellfish/etc) environment. As a safety precaution, we would recommend that anyone requiring medication for allergies brings them along on the day and do let us know your needs.

If you would like to discuss any particular needs further, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01841 532700.

Under 18? We have specially tailored courses aimed at children and teenagers which can be viewed here.

It is sometimes possible for older teenagers (16-18) to attend a course with a parent/guardian over the age of 18 so please contact us if you would like to find out about a specific course.

Rick splits his time between Padstow, Australia and filming around the world, so regretfully doesn’t have the time to teach courses himself. Do keep your eyes out during your day at the school however, as Rick’s office is right next door, and he can never resist surprising students with a spot check in the school kitchen when he’s here!

We also hold “An Evening with Rick Stein” a few times a year – once we have confirmed dates, we will announce them via our newsletter and website.

Yes! Private cookery courses make for a dinner party with a difference! Whether you’d like to book for a group of people, or a one to one course, both full day and evening experiences are available. The great thing about booking a private cookery course is that you can choose whichever menu you’d like to work with. Call us on 01841 532700 to discuss your needs.

There’s no dress code at Rick Stein’s Cookery School so just wear something comfortable. Quite a lot of time will be spent on your feet, so make sure you are wearing some comfortable shoes (anything open toed is not suitable). We would  also recommend wearing something that covers your legs.

You don’t need to wear hair nets or chef hats during the course, but those with long hair are advised to tie their hair back whilst they are cooking.

Just yourself! The school will provide everything you need for the course.

There is a pay and display car park just below the cookery school, if this is full, there are various other car parks close by, for more details click here.

The cookery school is situated in the large wooden building and the entrance is on the opposite side to Stein’s Deli, Stein’s Fish & Chips and Stein’s Fisheries. Take a look at our interactive map here.


Absolutely – our courses make great presents! If you know the date they would like to attend a course then you can book the course on their behalf by contacting our reservations team or online.  If you are unsure of which course they would like to attend then a gift card can be purchased from our online shop.

Friends and family, please feel free to pop your head in at the beginning or end of the course to see how your ‘chef for the day’ is getting on, but unfortunately our limited space doesn’t allow for permanent visitors or lunch guests.

If you would like to join someone on their course, just call our team on 01841 532700 and they can let you know about prices and availability for the course.

We love to see your photos, and encourage you to take them during the course – don’t forget to tweet them to us @RickSteinSchool.

You are more than welcome to use your mobile phone during your course, we just ask that they are kept on silent, and that any calls are taken in the reception area so as not to disrupt other people’s enjoyment of the day.

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