Rick Stein's Mediterranean Escapes DVD

Rick Stein’s Mediterranean Escapes DVD


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In this stunning series Rick Stein continues on his culinary journey, leaving Marseille, where his French Odyssey ended and heading for the Mediterranean coastline. Travelling by ferry and road, Rick seeks out the elements that make Mediterranean cooking so special – the local ingredients bursting with sunshine; a respect for frugality and tradition and sophistication derived from generations of growing and cooking a few key ingredients. From Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily and Puglia to Corfu, Mallorca and Catalonia and on to Morocco and Turkey, Rick samples traditional recipes and local delicacies, reveling in an enormous culinary mosaic full of colour, taste and smell created by Arabs, Greeks, Italians, Spanish and Turks.


Inspired by the culture, the cuisine and the landscape, Rick recreated his own delicious recipes that can be made at home, such as sautéed squid and chorizo salad, inspired by a visit to the Boqueria market in Barcelona; Mallorcan-style chicken with sobrasada; Sicilian fennel sausage; the traditional Moroccan dish of Kefta Mkaouara and Turkish Style flatbread, lahmacu.


DVD Region 2 & 4 format suitable for UK, Europe, Japan, South Africa, Middle East and Australia.

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