This battered mackerel dish comes from Rick’s brand new, The Road to Mexico book. Inspired by his trip to the Nueva fish market in Mexico City, the second-largest fish market in the world, Rick loved how one of the most popular street food dishes was the fillets of sierra, a type of mackerel, so decided he had to create his own version of the dish.

Rick says: “The fillets are deep-fried in beer batter, split open and slathered in mayonnaise, lime salt and chilli sauce. It’s right up there with the grilled mackerel in a baguette with chilli and sumac they serve on the Bosphorus in Istanbul.”

Watch Rick Stein, The Road to Mexico on Tuesday 7th November at 9pm on BBC 2 and discover more of the vibrant dishes from his latest journey to California and Mexico.

Happy cooking!

Recipe from © Rick Stein The Road to Mexico, BBC Books, 2017

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