Coq au Riesling

Hailing from Rick’s latest cookery book and BBC TV series, Secret France, our recipe of the month for November is the oh so comforting coq au Riesling. The perfect dish for a late autumn gathering with friends – enjoy with a few glasses of decent wine from Alsace.

Rick says: “I’ve never been entirely happy with coq au vin because the ‘vin’ bit always seems rather pale. I think if you are going to make a red wine sauce, make it deep and red, or everything can take on a rather mauve hue. Coq au Riesling, on the other hand works, much better because white wine with some cream and lots of parsley just looks much more appetising. The acidity of Riesling can be a rather surprising joy in Alsatian cookery.”

Happy cooking!

Recipe from © Rick Stein’s Secret France, BBC Books, 2019

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