The recipe comes from Rick’s Seafood Odyssey book and features on the courses menu of our new Signature dishes from The Seafood Restaurant cookery course.

From his classic Seafood Odyssey book published in 2000, Rick says: “Last time I was in Singapore, staying at Raffles Hotel, I hopped into a taxi with my friend Johnny. ‘You want girls?’ said the taxi driver. ‘Certainly not!’ we said. ‘We want Singapore chilli crab.’ We had only gone about 200 yards and he stopped quickly, turned up Purvis Street and there we were, at the best place for chilli crab. My life seems to be measured out in memorable meals and this was one of them. We had piles of chilli crab, Tiger beers and rice. The loo was through the kitchen and I swear a rat nipped past me as I made my way to it, with my brain encumbered by Tigers. A great night and a fantastic dish.”

Happy cooking!

Recipe from © Rick Stein’s Seafood Odyssey, BBC Books, 2000


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