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Try Rick’s NEW weekday set menu of 3 courses for £17.50.

“I’d just like to take this opportunity of introducing to you a £17.50 three course menu which I’ve come up with and it’s going to be available this spring in virtually all our restaurants. I came up with it because I felt it was really nicely balanced and the sort of thing that’s not going to make you feel too full, just perfectly satisfied. First of all, a lovely green pea, lettuce and sorrel soup with an excellent stock in it, then one of my favourite pasta dishes from Liguria, fish of course, it’s sautéed Cornish sole with spaghettini (that very little spaghetti) and parsley, a little bit of chilli, garlic and olive oil. Finally, one of my favourite tarts, lemon tart. Simple and perfect with just a little lozenge of crème fraîche. I think that will be lovely.”

Rick Stein

Dining out isn’t just for the weekend

 Weekday £17.50 3 course set menu

3 courses £17.50

a vibrant soup made with good chicken stock and shredded sorrel to add a little acidity

‘I always think that a good pile of pasta is what everybody really likes’


Simple dishes, done very well by our expert chefs. 

There’s something unquestionably enjoyable about stealing a few hours in the middle of the day for a lunchtime feast. Catching up with friends, family or colleagues over a few decent courses and maybe a glass of something too. What’s more, we don’t think these festivities should be exclusive to birthdays and other such celebrations which is why we offer set lunch menus across our restaurants. These menus are full of dishes that Rick is particularly keen on.

3 courses for £17.50

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