Rick Stein heads to the Med for new TV series

9th Sep 2014


We’re very excited to announce that BBC2 have commissioned a new six-part Mediterranean cookery and travel show fronted by Rick.

This time Rick will venture to the Mediterranean to explore Byzantine cuisine in Rick Stein: from Venice to Istanbul.

In the 6 x 60-minute series Rick will travel from Italy, through Croatia, Albania, Greece and Turkey paying visits to local markets, working men’s cafés, restaurant kitchens and people’s homes to dig beyond the perceptions surrounding Mediterranean food.

The show is due to air in 2015, with David Pritchard producing and directing for Denham while Grace Kitto will executive produce and Arezoo Farahzad will associate produce.

The series will uncover hidden cuisine, history and local traditions that not only shine a light on the long-lost people of the Byzantine Empire but show how our much-loved Mediterranean dishes developed over time.

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7 Responses

  1. Christopher J Hall says:

    When exactly this year will we see Rick’s new show on the BBC? It’s already May! Some of us are impatient; such anticipation is painful. Please help end the wait.

    • Selina Crookes says:

      Hi Christoper,

      Rick’s new series “From Venice to Istanbul” is scheduled for this summer so a few more months to wait! If you want to be one of the first to see Rick demo his new recipes or get your hands on his new book take a look here

      • CJC says:

        A few more months! This is unbearable. Oh how I yearn for the days to shorten and Rick to grace our screens. In the meantime, the world is a vast panorama of futility and anarchy. Give me mandragora.

  2. Stuart Philip says:

    Great to hear that Rick will be back with a new series. I look forward to it. Patience will reward us.

  3. Violeta says:

    I cant wait to see him in Albania ☺️

  4. Manjola says:

    OMG I Can’t believe Rick is coming in Albania… I love his show, love all his cooking… Can’t wait to watch the show.. :)))))

  5. Vicky Harrison says:

    Followed Rick’s journey through Spain, holidayed for 3 years with 3 kids in Spain up in the hills, now would like to visit Croatia/Italy, usually do villas, please can you recommend smallish towns to stay in, got 2 kids now who want to to a bit of culture with a bit of coast/beach with lots of local foods – eldest doing her own thing, trekking in Venezeula and interailing but may call in to see us if we are lucky! Hope you can help.

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