Rick Stein Marlborough to re-open soon

29th Jul 2020

We’re extremely pleased to share we will be re-opening the doors to Lloran House in Marlborough again very soon.

In June 2020, it was announced that the restaurant would be forced to close its doors permanently, due to the increased financial strain during a period of lockdown following the outbreak of COVID-19. However, the landlord of Lloran House in which the restaurant is housed was keen to support the survival of the restaurant, and after seeing the devastation the crisis has caused the hospitality industry, they decided to offer a lifeline to us.

Together, the landlord and their agent have helped us to re-open Rick Stein, Marlborough permanently: waiving some rental arrears and reducing our rent.

The landlord said: “It’s the right thing to do for Marlborough, the customers and staff and we hope we have helped save a great restaurant”.

The reduction in rent means that the restaurant will now re-open permanently and all of its 39 staff have been invited to return to their jobs at the restaurant – 25 of whom are already confirmed their return.

Rick says: “I’m delighted that our landlord in Marlborough made such a generous offer. I had resigned myself to losing the restaurant and our wonderful team and I am so pleased that we can reopen.”.

From Jill: “ I think it is a wonderful site in a beautiful market town. Kate, Ed and I put a huge amount of thought into the look and feel of Rick Stein Marlborough and I am relieved that we will be reopening very soon.”.

Like all of our restaurants – Marlborough aims to simply serve the finest Cornish seafood, in a relaxed, familiar environment, with dishes from Rick’s cookbooks and travels, as well as newer creations from son, and Chef Director of the restaurants,  Jack. The wine and drinks are chosen by Director, son Charlie Stein.

We will share more news on our exciting plans, menus and opening date soon. Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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