Rick Stein’s Cookery School Terms

In order to avoid any confusion and misunderstandings in course bookings, we operate under the following terms and conditions that are applicable to all courses and events at Rick Stein’s Cookery School.

Making a booking:

a) Non-residential Courses:

Bookings for all non-residential courses must be paid in full at the time of booking.

b) Residential Courses:

We require a minimum deposit of 50% of the value of the total booking to be paid at the time of reservation. The balance of the payment is required to be paid two weeks prior to arrival. Please see our cancellation policy below for further details.

c) Dietary requirements and allergies

We require specific details of the dietary requirements and allergies of all attendees at the time of reservation, including whether you would like to prepare and cook the dishes as scheduled and the severity of your allergies. Some courses may not be suitable for all dietary requirements and/or allergies and we would therefore advise you to discuss this with us in detail at the time of booking. We cannot guarantee an allergy-free (nut/shellfish/etc) environment as we run a variety of courses in the school.


Payment for courses can be made upon authorisation, either verbally or written, the amount indicated at the time of booking will be taken from the allocated credit card, debit card or Seafood Restaurant gift card as the course payment.

Dining Supplement

An optional dining supplement is available for partners of those attending residential courses. The payment is non refundable.

Cancellation/Termination Policy

If you do have to cancel or change the date for your booking, we will require at least four weeks notice, prior to arrival, in writing. In the unfortunate event of you having to cancel your booking within the required four weeks of the course starting date, the School reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee, amounting to the total value of your reservation. The School will at all times endeavour to avoid cancellation fees becoming necessary by trying to re-sell the course place.


We would strongly recommend that you take out insurance to cover you not being able to attend or complete a course for any reason such as illness or travel problems. We are able to give you details of a suitable supplier. If you already have travel and holiday insurance, we would recommend that you check the policy covers you for cancellation/termination of your course.


Rick Stein’s Cookery School reserves the right, to alter the timing or content of any course. Although we try and minimise any repetition within the course content, this cannot always be guaranteed. In circumstances where we have to cancel a course we will return to you all monies paid or offer an alternative course. Course fees and dates are correctly quoted at the time of brochure publication and you will be notified immediately of any changes that affect your reservation.

Hygiene, Health and Safety

In the interests of both hygiene and safety you are advised to wear appropriate clothing – including low-heeled, closed toe shoes with a non-slip sole. Health and safety is very important to us and, therefore, we reserve the right to refuse access to the School to any person suffering symptoms of an illness that could affect the health of other students (this includes sickness and diarrhoea)