Rick Stein’s Secret France

Secret France sees Rick travel from Dieppe in the very north of the country, winding his way down to Cassis in the south – always on the look out for exciting new recipes and produce to cook with (or drink). Rick says: “I owe my love of food and restaurants to early trips to Brittany. A cold clear breeze in April with a smell of seaweed on it, a first plateau de fruits de mer – cockles, clams, mussels and oysters -all somehow repeating that fragrant coldness. The produce was exquisite and the memory stays with me.”  Discover more below about each episode, including where Rick visits and what he eats.

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Order a signed copy of Rick Stein’s Secret France, which includes 120 new recipes to recreate for your friends and family at home here. 

Try the dishes in our restaurants

You can look forward to trying some of the dishes from Secret France on our menus – including poached lobster risotto, seafood gratin, grilled sardines with garlic, tomato and thyme, confit tomato and aubergine tarte tatin and more. Choose a restaurant here.

Learn to cook the recipes

To celebrate Secret France, Head Chef Lecturer Nick at our cookery school in Padstow has put together three fab new foodie experiences for 2020.

One day cookery course – £198 | Two day cookery course – £360 | Tasting Evening – £35

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