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Rick's new cookery book

Pre-order a signed copy of Rick's new book, The Road to Mexico, ahead of its 19th October release date

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string(67) "https://www.rickstein.com/product-category/porthdune-by-jill-stein/"

Porthdune by Jill Stein

Inspired by the beauty of the Cornish coast, Porthdune is Jill's personal range of natural toiletries

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Rick Stein gift cards

The perfect gift for a food lover! Use in any of our restaurants, cookery school, foodie shops or pub

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string(82) "https://www.rickstein.com/product-category/rick-stein-coves-of-cornwall-tableware/"

Coves of Cornwall

Designed by students at Falmouth University, this is Rick's new Cornish inspired tableware range

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Andy Bibbings range

We’ve joined forces with artist, Andy Bibbings, to produce a range of Cornwall inspired homeware

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