Information on tips

Read below to find out all about how our tips are shared fairly amongst our team members

Tips earnings:

  • Tips calculations obtained from April 2018 to April 2019 pay data (reviewed annually each April)
  • The quoted hourly rate is an average from a full 52-week period (total annual tips/tronc earnings captured from P60s divided by total hours worked).
  • As tips are goodwill payments from our guests, figures have the potential to change
  • Some seasonal sites may earn less that the quoted figure during their quietest time of year and will have the potential to earn above quoted figures during the peak season
  • Quotes rates are the same for part-time and full-time members of our team
  • Data used for these calculations has been anonymised and retained

How tips/tronc works: 

  • 100% of our tips (whether paid by card or cash) are shared amongst our team with no administrative, processing or handling charges applied
  • Distribution of tips is managed by an independent troncmaster, who ensures that there is a fair model in place for dividing tips between restaurant and kitchen employees, with payment made via an independent payroll

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